Wednesday 2 November 2011

Smith: Oh What a Lovely War background

Oh, What a Lovely War! is a musical that was created in 1963 by Joan Littlewood and the Theatre Workshop. Subsequently it was written in script form by Littlewood. 
Joan Littlewood
It is based on Charles Chilton's BBC 1961-1962 documentary radio ballad The Long Trail. The songs are ones from the period but sung as they would have been sung, rather than by a formal choir as they were for the radio show. It is a satire on World War I (and by extension against war in general).
The music hall song "Oh! It's a Lovely War," is what inspired the title of the play and which is one of the major numbers in the production.
Oh, What a Lovely War! premiered at the Theatre Royal Stratford East on 19 March 1963. It is an ensemble production featuring members of the theatre's regular company who played multiple roles. The sets were designed by John Bury and was largely bare, with a balcony and a screen to be flown in and out at the very back of the stage.

The original Oh What a Lovely War

Songs include:
Belgium put the Kibosh on the Kaiser
Pack up your troubles
It's a long long way to Tipperary
Are we downhearte
Oh! It's a lovely war
Keep the home fires burning

(Taken in part from Wikipedia)



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